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Attendee Talk: 6 Key Reasons to Attend The Great ECE Expo

Teaching is hard work! Particularly in the Early Childhood Education sector, where educators tend to give so much of themselves over the course of the workweek.

Interested in attending the Great ECE Expo, but not sure if you can commit to giving up part of your much-needed sleep-in-and-Netflix Saturday? If you want to further your career in Early Childhood Education or grow your ECE business in 2019, here are seven really great reasons to mark your diary and attend.

1. Review Your Suppliers

Undertaking an annual review of your suppliers is crucial for any business – particularly if your focus for the year ahead is working with the best possible resources, while remaining cost-effective. An industry expo is the best place to discover new tools, products and services, while weighing up what’s right for your Early Learning Centre or ECE business.

2. Build Your Network

As the largest event of its kind in New Zealand, we expect upwards of 10,000 attendees to join us at The Great ECE Expo in its inaugural year – which means plenty of networking opportunities for attendees.

3. Discover New Resources

Early Childhood Education is a dynamic growth industry – meaning fantastic new tools, products and services are being introduced every year. Attending our Christchurch and Auckland events offers the best opportunities to explore new resources – to help you enhance your ECE business, or further your career in Early Childhood Education.

4. Strengthen Existing Relationships

While you’re likely to discover some exciting new resources, attending our events will also offer opportunities to get some valuable face-to-face time with your current suppliers. Touching base with organisations you already work with can help strengthen and maintain those relationships, and provide a chance to discuss your current and future requirements.

5. Take Advantage of Expo Offers

Want to maximise your budget for the year ahead? Many of our exhibitors will be offering special deals and limited time promotions exclusively to Great ECE Expo attendees, so be on the look out for the hottest deals.

6. Generate Excitement Among Your Staff

We’re genuinely passionate about the Early Childhood Education industry, so it’s important to us that the ideas being shared and resources available for discovery are accessible to everyone. That’s why the Great ECE Expo is entirely FREE to attend! Want to get your staff excited and engaged in the future of your business? The energy of an expo like this makes it the ideal place to start some collective brainstorming and a little team bonding. Gather the troops and make a day of it.

Ready to discover exciting new tools, strengthen supplier relationships, and GROW your Early Childhood Education business?

See you at The Great ECE Expo in Christchurch and Auckland!

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