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Exhibitor Tip: 10 Simple Ways to Grab the Attention of Visitors

Want to attract more attention to your market booth or stall, and encourage as many prospects as possible to talk to your team? Here are 10 simple things you can do to grab the attention of visitors at The Great ECE Expo.

1. Clothing

You don’t need to convince your staff to dress up in costume to grab the attention of attendees, but what you wear can help! Consider having shirts in eye-catching colours printed with your logo for the event. Not only will your team be easy to spot, you’ll also look more professional by positioning yourselves as a cohesive unit.

2. Lighting

The human eye is naturally attracted to bright lights, so make use of it at your booth or stall. You can book spotlights as an add-on, or bring your own. LED rope lighting around the top of your trestle table can be a great way to attract attention – just ensure any cords are carefully taped down or placed out of the way to prevent a tripping hazard.

3. Props

Props, such as oversized versions of your products, can be a great way to pique the curiosity of passers-by and break the ice. Consider the size of your space when deciding whether or not to include a prop – anything too big may make your booth or stall feel cramped and uninviting, which can actually make people reluctant to stick around and chat.

4. Competitions

Running a competition is a favourite tactic of exhibitors – but it works. Attendees love the chance to win something, and a competition can help to create engagement and excitement about your brand. You might opt for something as simple as a business card fishbowl draw, or convince attendees to come back to your booth at a specific time of day to be in to win.

5. Freebies

Promotional freebies are a great means of drawing visitors to your stand – after all, everyone loves free stuff! To get the best result, ensure the freebie you offer is relevant to your business, useful to attendees, and branded with your logo, if possible. You can’t go wrong with branded pens, USB sticks and notepads. Branded bottles of water and bowls of wrapped chocolates and candy can also be hugely effective for hungry attendees.

6. Special Offers

Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Clearly display a limited-time promotion or deal that will make attendees want to learn more or sign up. Stay tuned for more information about creating a special offer in one of our coming blog posts.

7. Games

Games encourage people to stop and look – but they’re also great for getting visitors to let their guard down, engage in conversation with your team, and have some fun while learning more about your business. You might run a simple industry trivia game where visitors can win by answering a question correctly, a spin-the-wheel type game with spot prizes, or have an interactive digital game set up on a couple of tablets.

8. Chairs

Wandering an expo for a few hours can be wearying work for visitors! Setting up a couple of comfortable and inviting-looking chairs in your exhibitor space can be a great way to draw attendees in, while giving you the opportunity to chat about your business.

9. Colour

Make use of colour to draw visitors’ eyes to your space! Lots of white space can make your booth feel clam and inviting, a black backdrop can help certain products stand out, while bright colours can draw the eye while conveying your brand personality. When choosing colour, focus on your brand’s core hues, and avoid using more than three. Using too many bright colours in one space can make your booth feel busy and overwhelming.

10. Signage

If there’s one MUST HAVE item on your list for The Great ECE Expo, or should be eye-catching, professional-quality signage. Great signage can attract attention from across the room. It can also drive enquiries and engagement if it sends the right message and encourages people to chat with your team.

The Great ECE Expo uses the services of Market My Company for all of our design, branding and signage needs, and we highly recommend their talented, professional and reliable team.

Need signage or other promotional materials? Market My Company is offering a special discounted rate to Great ECE Expo exhibitors! To get 10% off corflute signs, pull-up banners, flyers and business cards, email today.

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