Attendee Talk: How To Make the Most of Your Time at The Great ECE Expo

Excited to visit The Great ECE Expo in Christchurch or Auckland in 2019?! Here are 4 things to add to your To Do list before and during the event.

1. Consider Your Goals

Think about what you’d like to achieve by attending The Great ECE Expo. Would you like to…

  • Learn how to start your own ECE business?

  • Review your ECE centre suppliers?

  • Learn about furthering your career in ECE?

  • Get some face-time with your current suppliers?

  • Discover new resources for your students?

  • Discover educational resources for your children at home?

  • Have a fun day out with your team?

By thinking about your goals for attending, you’ll be able to focus your time to achieve them.

2. Get Smart About Information Gathering

This may be the first time you’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many potential ECE suppliers, experts and services in one venue, so make the most of your time at The Great ECE Expo by gathering all the information you’ll need to review after the event. Pick up one of the information packs on offer when you arrive, and add flyers, brochures and business cards as you navigate the exhibitors.

It can be really useful to take a pen and either a notepad or some Postit notes, so you can jot down ideas and information on the businesses that most appeal, and the people you meet.

3. Take Your Own Business Cards

You may be at the expo to browse rather than network, but it’s still important to make sure you have a good supply of business cards on hand – particularly if you find some suppliers you LOVE and you want them to forward you more information after the event.

Many exhibitors will be running special promotions, competitions and offers during the event, and being able to enter with your business card (rather than filling in a form) will save you a lot of valuable time.

4. Make the Most of Special Offers

Many of our exhibitors will be offering promotional offers and discounts for new customers. Want to stretch your centre budget even further while gathering new and exciting resources? Looking to expand your existing ECE skillset without dipping into your holiday fund? Keep your eyes peeled for some great deals on the day, and follow the hashtag #ECEEXPO on Facebook to see what hot offers fellow attendees are recommending and snapping up.

See you at The Great ECE Expo in Christchurch and Auckland!


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